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Redesigned website

In a classic Rosemary-esque fashion, I have redesigned my website before it was due. Hahaha.

The major changes I made included a redesign of the home page and changing the color scheme. I have gotten a lot of negative feedback about the color scheme. This time I went with blue, black and white. I used kuler.adobe.com to choose my color scheme. Definitely check it out.

I think the new colors help with readability and are visually pleasing. Here’s a link to my site so you can see what it looks like now: rosemarybpeters.co.uk


I am glad I did this redesign, because I think I learned more about how to better design websites by having a failed version. This time I avoided putting things in percentages, opting instead for defining div tags by pixels. This seemed to present a more uniform viewing experience in the different web browsers I viewed the site it because items were defined on where they were supposed to be on the page. The site also works on safari (the last one didn’t) and on the iPhone (can someone with an android give the site a look and tell me what’s up?). There are minimal kinks I am noticing by testing the site in more browsers, but nothing that has prevented me from turning in my site and feeling confident in its ability to work in my professor’s browser the way it is meant to.

As I have said before, this site is never going to be “finished.” I like this design for the homepage because it gives me more flexibility to expand the number of pages I have based on new activities I get involved in. The last site didn’t offer this potential.


About me, Contact me

Hey all,

Sorry for the long break. I ran the Tough Mudder this weekend, and the few days leading up to it plus the few days after it were dedicated to making sure I didn’t die in the race hahaha.

Tough Mudder finisher!
Tough Mudder finisher!

Anyways, I am back to work on my website. My homepage is complete and working really well. I had to slightly adjust my color scheme, but that’s OK because I think the website looks more professional.

New homepage
New homepage

I am now working on my About Me and Contact Me pages. I want to have both of them done by the end of the day. On my Contact Me page, I am looking to embed a widget that has my Twitter feed on it. Twitter has a widget configuration that might be helpful if you are looking to do the same.