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Trudging through

The good news? I have gotten to a point with the website where it is a lot of the same. All of the pages are set up, and I have the skeleton for each one. Now I just need to make the photos in Photoshop that are going to go along with each piece I am posting.

Beacon portfolio preview
Beacon portfolio preview

For each piece, I have two photos. One that the visitor sees and one that is a more opaque version of the picture that appears when the visitor hovers over a link.

Button hovered over "Raining on UP's parade."
Button hovered over “Raining on UP’s parade.”

This has been the most tedious part of the development, but I am liking the results so far.

My advice for people who are looking to do something similar: Make the photos all the same size for every single button. The consistency made it very easy to just plug and chug the work.

Right now my website works just the way I want it to in Firefox and Chrome. For some reason I can’t get my computer to open Internet Explorer. I am going to work on that issue and then preview the site on IE. More to come.



Making strides

Forty-eight hours. I have officially been working on coding my website so far for 2 days, and in the last hour and a half, it has finally started to come along.

I was struggling quite a bit to understand the navigation bar as well as how html/css actually works. I can’t say I’m an expert in either by any stretch of the imagination, but I finally have a skeleton homepage with a working top navigation bar.

Website screenshot -- look the title button changed colors when I moused over it!
Website screenshot — look the title button changed colors when I moused over it!

My website timeline:

1) Get my top navigation bar working first — the links aren’t pointing at anything yet, but I know they are active. CHECK

2) Get the top navigation bar working — it should be similar to the top navigation bar, so I imagine it will be a closely-related process. TO DO – Week 5

3) Place the rollover button links in the main body of the homepage. TO DO – Week 5

4) Rebuild my buttons for the middle of the homepage in Illustrator as vector images and replace the previous images. TO DO – Week 6

5) Create .html pages for the 18 pages linked from the homepage. TO DO – Week 6

6) Create a background image for these pages. TO DO -Week 6

7) Fill in the content for these pages. TO DO -Week 7

8) Try to break the website and remove kinks in the design. TO DO -Week 7/8

9) Turn in website (& blog)! TO DO -June 28.

This timeline is daunting as I have to complete it in the next month, plus I really need to start working on my dissertation and my radio module. And keep training for Tough Mudder. YIKES!

All right, well freaking out won’t change a thing, so hiddy ho, here I go!